Doncaster school bans birthday cake

October 19, 2009 § 2 Comments

Did I really hear this news story correctly?  What I think I just heard on Radio 4’s  Today Programme was that the head of a Doncaster primary school had sent back a birthday cake that pupil Olivia Morris had brought in to share with her classmates because it didn’t comply with healthy eating rules.

I later checked out the story which seems to have been broken by South Yorkshire’s own “The Star” and the headmistress is indeed quoted as saying that the birthday cake contradicted healthy eating rules and might cause allergic reactions.  Oh dear.  And to make matters worse it was a home-made cake baked by Olivia’s  greatgrandmother.  It defies belief and it’s rude to the point of churlishness into the bargain.  And Yorkshire folk grumble about having a reputation for being miserable gits….

§ 2 Responses to Doncaster school bans birthday cake

  • Gwyneth says:

    I’ve had this before with a home made birthday cake, rejected by school. Apparently shop-bought ones are superior for little tummies because they specify on the label whether they have nuts in, or whether the machines which have made them have ever been in contact with nuts. I’d be happy to label mine with “been in contact with nuts in my lifetime”. Our latest school asks for no sweets, no cakes, but the contribution of a book for the school library on birthdays – which is fine by me. Fortunately my kids choose home made over sickly shop-bought birthday cakes every time, even when the dinosaur’s head falls off (I’m afraid it did). It’s mainly down to the icing and how thick, plastic and revolting it can be. But they also realise that a fresh sponge is infinitely superior to one made to last for weeks and it’s always scoffed that day anyway, let’s face it.

    • Jennifer Raffle says:

      Let’s hear it for home made! Strenuously agree and would love to see pic of dinosaur head cake if you get the chance.

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